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On the character selection screen i see that every single character has its own enemies. Does that mean that you will now be allied with the people that arent your enemies??? or does it mean that now there are finally gangs in MTA, like the gangs are Mexicans, Sailors, Vice City Crusadors, or Cops??? or is it the Free 4 all it used to be???

- From your average confused person

Also Congrats to the MTA TEAM... Those screen shots kik ASS!!!

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well i think it's all to give you some kind of story behind it ... it's not like your sailor will automaticaly shoot down a "racial enemy"...

What i think it should be done is ... As you are in that menu it is shown realtime the players that are ingame and in which team ... so ppl organise and try not to make a mess when they enter the game ...

this is good stuff->maybe when you enter the game you could get forced to go to the free 4 all race(as in skin not street competition) , and when you entered the malibu(or some place else) than you would go to the given team menu ... this way who wanted to stay "lone wolf" would just have to never go inside the malibu(or whatever)

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