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Server Owners

All server owners serious about stopping hackers and cheaters should be blocking older clients.

This can be done by editing the setting in the mtaserver.conf file.

Check the latest client version numbers from here: https://nightly.multitheftauto.com/ver/

The Auto-update default: version number is the current release version.

The Max recommended/minclientversion: version number is the newest build which is available by automatic update. This revision is usually updated when a cheat gets blocked, so you can easily enforce patched clients.

The Auto-update nightly version number on that page is not relevant here, so forget you ever saw it

Put you chosen min client version into the mtaserver.conf like this:



For competitive servers, it is also advisable to enable special detection (SD) #16, #31 and #32 in mtaserver.conf like this:


Other SD codes are available here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Anti-cheat_guide (you can also find explanation on what each SD # detection helps prevent)

AC Panel resource

AC Panel is a helper resource to view/manage your servers anti-cheat settings (including easily switching minclient version) that may be useful to you:


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From which version on is this supposed to work? Because it seems that it doesn't work with the latest rc.

I have 1.0.4-rc-2425 on Linux and after adding this line ("1.0.4") to mtaserver.conf and restarting the server, there's still players with old clients shown in the admin panel.

Or is it probably just a stupido mistake of mine again??

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A problem I found was that too many people are still using old versions like 1854 and claim that they have never seen a GUI asking them to update so it made restricting old versions of 1.0.4 infeasible.

We tried this after finding out about the ammo cheaters but had to sacrifice security because not enough people were updating their games and only a mandatory update could help that or 1.1.

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Below is what you see with 1854 when joining a server which requires a later version. I would question players who claim not to see this. (Bear in mind that 1854 was the last released version before the anti-cheat was ramped up).mandatoryupdate.jpg

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I'll try the minclientversion next restart then, the way I was doing it was kicking players after they'd joined who had older versions (had to remove it after an hour as it affected so many people still using older versions) simply because restarting the server when people are playing isn't practical.

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This is cause by a timed out for arround 0.3 seconds or more/less right?

The next moment they are next to you, because the client is sending data again to the server.

Is it possible to check player their timed outs? and can this be solved with setElementPosition?

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Higher min client version is now available and includes new detections:


For competitive servers, it is also advisable to enable special detection (SD) #16 in the mtaserver.conf like this:


NOTE: SD #16 requires server version 1.3.1-9.05097 or higher

Other SD codes are available here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Anti-cheat_guide

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