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Other languages - Rules and Guidelines

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  • MTA Team

1. You may talk in a non-English language here, as long as there is a subforum for it. If there is no subforum for your language and we get enough requests for it, we can create it.

2. You can only post in these sections if you speak the language which is used in the specific section. Do not post there otherwise.

Additionally, English discussions are generally not allowed in those sections. Posting in English in these sections may result in a forum warning.

Exceptions apply - if a Moderator starts a topic in such section in English, then other users (only those who speak the language of that section) can post in English in such topic too. Posting in English is also allowed (and preferred) in the General Multi Language discussion subforum.

3. Please try to keep the discussion MTA-related. And especially, please refrain from posting forum games or spam topics in this section. The only place where such topics are allowed is the B.L.A.S.T. section.

4. We cannot guarantee a full level of moderation in this section, as we don't speak some of the languages we provide subforums for. Therefore moderation in some subforums might be limited.

We still moderate such sections based on community reports, so if you see a suspicious or irrelevant post, please report it to the moderators.

5. Use the general english sections for support if possible. More people will benefit from it.

6. Main forum rules still apply to these subforums.

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