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LAN Gaming: Do I really need to buy two copies of GTA?

Guest Andy

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Wow. Multiplayer GTA. Haven't done that since GTA2 (long time ago!). Trouble is, I've tried GTA multiplayer mods on my LAN and I can't take the CD out to start up GTA 3 or VC on the next PC without the computer moaning that it wants the disc back.

So, the million dollar question is (and I'm sorry if this has already been asked) do I really need to buy two copies to enjoy LAN MTA? (I have a CD writer so if anyone knows how to copy the game, that'd be appreciated) :lol:


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for gta3 u can simply copy the cd using nero or something, and it will work with the 1.1 patch, if you don't use the 1.1 patch tho it says the cd's not in the drive, don't understand this myself, its like the offical patch makes the cd protection useless, although it still asks for the cd without it, (i an't got a lan but i been playing MTA over a serial cable :P at a speedy 112.5k connection :P wow)

but with vice city, it wouldn't copy, well it would but it wouldn't accept the cd, i found a way to let you play it on 2 computers without using a cd crack (i didn't bother as i thought mta wouldn't work with it) if you have any virtual cd software that mite work, but i used a i think new cd writing program to do it, as i don't think we're supposed to talk about this thing pm and i'll tell you what i did (and i never managed to copy gta2, i always had to swap cd's .. actually still play it now and then :shock:

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