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Weekly Screenshot Competition - Rules & Info

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The Weekly Screenshot Competition :lol:

This is the new Screenshot Area of the MTA Forum. This area is specially made to let our users post their most coolest screenshots of MTA in action in GTA3. Once in a week there will be a poll asking which screenshot is best and the best screenshot will be awarded, published on our MTA site.

:arrow: The Rules: :arrowleft:

- This is a Screenshot area, not a discussion area.. opinions about posts are welcome but full discussions.. well we've got the General MTA Discussion for that.

- The maximum amount of pixels of posted screenshots is 640x480.

- Screenshots must be posted in the topic the admin/moderator started. For example: there will be a topic "Screenshots March 29" where you can post your screenshots. At the end of the week there will be a topic "Poll: Screenshots March 29" where people can vote for the best screenshot.

- You can only post a maximal amount of 3 screenshots in your post (so choose the nicest screenshots you have). [This amount can be changed, when a change is made.. this will of course be announced.] If you want to change a screenshot you submitted, you can edit your post. When the weekly poll is started, you can't change your screenshot anymore.

- Please give every screenshot in your post a name (easy and not too long) or the number 1, 2 or 3. Type this name above the image.

- All your screenshots are welcome, but you could make them as spectaculair as possible to win the Weekly Screenshot.

- Polls will be done by the admins or moderators.

- And of course.. no spamming!

- To prevent confusion: please provide the version of MTA with it.

The best screenshots will be published on our site with the name of the author included. The screenshots will be updated every week, so the Screenshot Competition is weekly

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No you all should download:

Jasc Paint Shop Pro (one of the best programs in the world) 8

Version 8 is Beta, so it's free, but it's working very well.

Download it here http://www.jasc.com

Well and if you would like to make a movie (if you want to take screenies, just press printscreen or use this program) use Fraps, it's an excellent program.. your fps will decrease alot in the game, but the movie will be just the same fps as always. http://www.fraps.com

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Just upload them to a server, for exampe: your webspace.

Next thing to do is put the image tag in your text, click on the Img* button when posting and you will see {img} ( { = [ and } = ] ). put the url of your screenshot between and click the Img* button again. So there will be something standing like: {img}http://www.yourserver.com/yourpicture.jpg{/img} - { are [ and } are ]

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