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The Big Hello

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Well the Subject says it all.

Im Wido. you can useally Find me in Small Servers. not the Big ones cus the ones i pick have spawn campers and they suck. I will also be posting Screens. And Replays as soon as some one Answers this one question. how do you take shots? Also ill be hanging around Getting updates From MTA. Also ill probley put that little Progress bar in my Sig so you all know how close things are. and yes ill update it. so im not outta date.

Ok that it. See ya around. :)

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most basic way to take screens is to hit print screen. Alt-tab to desktop. Open paint and hit edit/paste. Then save. That can be a pain as you have to paste afore you take another otherwise you lose it. there are some progs that will take multiple shots like screen hunter(this one also takes in jpg format so they dont take quite as much room. if you meant something esle by "shots".... my bad

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