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Our Own way for multiple ppl in cars

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:twisted: lol, We cant wait for Action so we found our own way to get multiple people in cars. Take a look at the shot, ill get some more pics l8r

if the image is not workin right click the little Box and copy the url and Open it in ur browser that shud work :?


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How did you do that? Haxs or something :) I wanna know. Dont mess around too much. Wait 0.2 they are working hard at perfecting all of what they can. Im sure its going to be stable and great.

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If you honestly have a good way to do passenger code and think that it will help our method, they why don't you actually try to give us some pointers (if they will even help our method), instead of taunting everyone with images that could easily have been "made".

Help development, don't hinder it.

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Its sort of easy it isnt editing game, its just timing, Basically you get on the bike a second after the other person and the 2nd person is stuck on the back, Sometimes they fall off or sometimes the driver gets jacked but it works in a sense, well I got from spawn point to top of beach b4 i got jackked by my m8 lol, its really hard to do tho, Ill try get fraps to stop laggin my pc and get u a vid see how its dun...if we can pull of this Freak of nature again, But Im still waiting for the offical Action cos its gna rule -edit, if theres any lag at all it just jacks the other person all the time, we were playing on our own server (pass protected) and we are both on 1megabit connections so there was practically no lag, *note* dont know if it has anything to do with this but after our games ot out of sync and i blew up a packer but my m8 cud still see it and drive around in it and stuff, oh and keep up the good work!

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I've done this in singleplayer:

- steal a bike from someone by knocking them off.

- immediatly get off the bike and let the npc walk towards it.

- just before the npc hops on, get on the bike.

- if you're lucky, the npc will get on as your passenger

I did this once by accident (and then just ziped around the city for fun) and once on purpose. Can't guarantee that it's reproducable.

You're probably right in that, if you time it just right, you can hop on and it will make you the passenger.

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I find it's realy good idea for MTA VC 0.2 to be able to have a passenger!

it's a good step for gameplay! :D

(waiting for others new feature like copVSrubber :wink: )

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I dont think it works with cars, I once got in a car with someone but I was only stuck in the car cos I lagged really bad for some reason, and where to get on the bikes? well we got on one at either side and it just but me on the front and my m8 on the back. I sort of wish someone else was in the game to confirm that we were both on the bike and it wasnt like my m8 was stuck laggin to the floor, the pics from my m8s pov (point of view) are naff the quality is like a crap signal on a 5" tv, I havnt had chance to make a vid with my m8 cos his isp was offline :x and today I had to go have some injections at the doctors so I havnt spoke to him.

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Actually had it where Mikiro and myself were both in the packer. That was juat a bug tho and not repeatable...(yet). I disappeared from both his and the other person who was in the games maps and view. He was in the packer and then i jumped in. i couldn't move it but if i hit the brakes the lights would show( on my screen ) but not effect his driving. was kinda odd.....

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yea in the single player game if you punch off the passenger door and a carjacker comes in, hit the gas just as he enters and he takes control of the car. You can see brake lights when you do it and hear accelerating noises, its a weird glitch...

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So it's not really having a passenger. It's the lag and the fact that the jacking animations aren't there so it just makes them get stuck there for a short amount of time before jacking it or falling off.

In the next version you'll be able to carry passengers, not just achieve it with a glitch.

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if the guy cant go to the "modded" bike, like an invisible barrier, it's because the news bike has the old colbox file of the car, an with the bike colbox it's ok,

but the problem after it's when the game is crashing when you try to get on the bike.

a friend suggest me that it was may be due to tire configuration, but i can't find where

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