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Guest spawn2002

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1: more cars bikes and copters(more hunter's!)

2:all words like : !@#$$^&%&*%

3: citicens

4: team based missions

5: cops

6: bazooka

7:fucking crash bugs

8:ban the guy who's using my game name on the forum(Spawn)


10:cheaters ban

11:names on the map of players and on the gps

12: make the city alive,not a ghost town..

13:making possible to use your own skins

14:random spawning points(damn spawn killers!)

15:the abbility to save and hide your copters etc.(buildings to buy i mean,yes a lot of modding)

16:good clan support



player at server: port:2003

mta2.wojjie.net (1)

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1: why a hunter it wont fire in mta so its the same as any choper so just use other chopers

2:then you can say anything it will be all &*Y

3:cant sync them and if they did it will take up 2 much bandwith

4:this is happening i dont know if you have to be in the same car but 2 guys in the same car thats kinda a team partners in crime

5:same as 3

6:you have to secendary fire that wont work in mta

7:you have a pireted copy or unstable pc

8 he was here first

9:there are admins if you own the server you be the admin

10:not a ban but anti cheat sumhow is in the works

11:wont that take up the radar??

12: bright neon lights dont do it 4 ya? heehee

13 that will be to slow for the server makes every 1 download your skin when you join ect.

14when use spwan do what i do take out a uzi and run and shoot

15:save oneline your not making sence

16: this mayhappen dont know yet

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for the skins.. if you had mta read .gif files, and ran optimizer.. you could get the file size down to 10k.. I know- I've tried- with little quality lost too.. so it's all a matter of making it possible.

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