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MTA Multiplayer San Andreas Bugs


there is bugs in mta san andreas multilayer?  

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  1. 1. there is bugs in mta san andreas multilayer?

    • loading bug
    • downloading bug
    • gta san andreas background change
    • don't know


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For a second I thought you were trolling.

But no, there aren't bugs that would make the game unenjoyable, in fact MTA is the best online modification for GTA. As an extra you get a very friendly and helpful community, probably thousands of functions and did I mention... to play the best modification?

Anyways if you find a bug then check if it is listed in the bug tracker - if not, report it!

When downloading a resource from a server and the download hangs or doesn't start properly or anything that must be the server's problem.

The game background is changed intentionally to look much better.

MTA lags less than other online modifications you might find. There might be some lag caused by your game or your hardware configuration or the server executing some bad scripts on your side.

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no HeroTerror i said when downloading its keep stopping or lagging my connection was high speed so that why :x

It isn't a MTA bug. It is just that imagine the amount of people who have to download the resources (often like 5mb or so?) and then there's high bandwidth usage, etc. etc. That causes your download to be slow. Or some fileserver fail.

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Actually, the MTA transfer is a lot slower than it could be. However, I think that might be because of the resources containing tons of small files (admin, killmessages, etc.) and could be improved a lot by doing a basic compression on the client-side files.

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