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hi, i want to make when a player die he if he is in los santos he will respawn there at hospital but if he is in other city he will respawn at that city hospital not at los santos hospital, i hope someone understand what i mean


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Well, according to your opinion, all of these should be made by scripting.

First, you make 5 huge colshapes, each around LS, SF, LV, Bone Country and Red Country.

Then you make a spawn player inside each col.

But I have no idea how to do it.

Tips: I know what he means, it's like in the original GTA SA, when you die in LS, you'll respawn in LS hospital, and when you die in SF, you'll respawn in SF hospital, etc.

Edit: Ow, there's a way like that? I don't know that's possible! :mrgreen:

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