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im leaving, but im not =)


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It seems i finally have a job, if only a temporary one, but it seems that my forum activity will slow to the average user.

Im sure you will miss my activity as forum posts drop 15-20% =)

Ill still be keeping up with major posts, and i will play 0.3a most nights (keep a slot open for me on the programmer's private servers guys =)

So im sure big J, Bill and any other would-be spammers can now beat my current target, and no longer will the forums be run by my iron fist, or more iron key that was put into so many padlocks =) ( :arrow: Thread Closed)

Its not a goodbye, but a, i won't come in every week seeing as i will have a life now =)


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Got a temp job at Fed Ex =)

Ill be around on weekends, and at nights, but probably not doing as much, and leaving the forum modding to bill, and hopefully the other programmers, as it seems only blocker and vogel are active on the forums =)

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