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a rocket launcher would be great :wink::wink:

I think they had problems with putting the rocket launcher and sniper rifle in, hopefully they'll be put in later.

Dos anyone know if the minigun is in there anywhere? The only time I saw one was when I killed a cheater and he dropped a full set of weapons including mini and sniper. It was pretty funny, when he had respawned I shot him with the mini and he dropped another one. I think he stopped cheating after that. :lol:

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ne ways avin a sniper in would b like tryin to shoot a movin bullet coz on my pc the otha ppl dont walk properly they kinda hover and i think it would b 2 hard for sniper...

but 4 the rocket gr8 idea coz its abit hard 2 shoot down the apache :!:


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OK - a general warning to forum noobs, dont fill ya post with emoticons please =P Also, NO Caps :twisted:

As for rockets, they aint gonna be in 0.2. The team are trying to rectify errors in weapons that require the right mouse button to use (excluding guns with secondary aim)

I know more vehicles will be in 0.2, not sure about weapons yet.

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