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Just a few ideas


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Just trying to think of a few ideas to help players / admins especially in bugfixing.

Would it be possible at some stage to implement a simple MOTD system that would appear at a player joining so admins can have something like

'please report bugs to [email protected]' that way people would be able to email bugs to admins who cared, who could then check up on here for any fix or report the error. or of course use the MOTD for something like

'go blow his brains out' :D

Secondly, is it possible to force a user to have a username as many are joining and all the server shows is ' ' joined the game...and after 3 or 4 of these it gets confusing :)

Lastly are there any plans of adding admin functionality in-game? So an admin could be playing, and could kick/ban any disruptive players etc.

Hope I haven't gone thru anything already posted, hoping MTA:VC goes a long way as it can offer such a lot.

Many thnx


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the website has places that people can report bugs to us. makes things nice that way.. a MOTD option may be implemented in teh future but right now we are focusing on the core of the mod.

The username isn't a pressing issue for us either at the moment but we may take care of that in teh future.

There already is admin functionality.. start-programs-MTA--"remote server admin"

here you can connect to a server and kick / ban people and other control features.

Hope you en joy the mod so far :-)


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i understand that the error report is available here, but what i mean is some people may just see a bug, say 'ahh thats annoying' then do nothing about it. but then as you said, concentrating on the core of the mod is a lot more important than final little features :)

ill continue to report on anything i see/hear about bugwise in hope that MTA will soon be brimming with features :D

thanks for the reply


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