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Anyway to stop cheating?

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GREAT job on this version of MTA.... heck MTA is now playable! lol

Anyway, I think some people are cheating (using trainers or in game cheats I think) I was wondering if its possible to code in some kind of cheat detecting function. It could check to see if any cheats where enabled on any clients and if it finds any cheats on any of the clients it could maybe kick them off the server if it fines any. That’s assuming that’s all possible anyway....

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There is a cheat detection function in MTA:VC, you can't type in cheats manually, but you are able to do this with a trainer. In the next release we'll try to implement some sort of anti-trainer feature.

People who are using trainers, thank you for fucking up games while other people were trying to enjoy.

Simple: Don't use them, you'll fuck up the game.

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I've been running into a lot of players using trainers, it takes all the fun out of it.

How about this...If the anti-cheat finds a trainer then every car/bike that player gets into suddenly has all it tires flattened. or mabey changes the handling of all their cars to MAX SPEED 1 & their MAX AMMO to 1.

That least it will make it no fun for them to play too.

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ahhhh so that's y sum people seem invincible... damn rejects they are :evil: ! and no, if u adapt that pretty much means cheat as well and that would just make it worse ann0yanc3, the client should just close or disconnect if there is a trainer running during gameplay

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