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Hey i have a porblem

the code:

function hey(source,command,parameter) 
outputChatBox("Player 1 say: "parameter,source) 

if i type /hey test test test test in the Chatbox then comes in the Chatbox test and not test test test test

i have to change the function to function hey(source,command,parameter,parameter2,parameter3,parameter4)

but this is f**k :D

if i type more dann parameter4 also /hey 1 2 3 4 5 then comes Player 1 say : 1 2 3 4

and i need the 1 2 3 4 in one parameter

this goes???

i hope you understand me i´m a german player :)



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First of all, read wiki over and over again! It's the first source where you should get all the info from!

function hey( plr, command, ... )  
    -- ... <- 3 dots represent rest of the parameters passed to the function  
    --       (in this case all the words that player types after /live) 
    outputChatBox("Player 1 say: " .. table.concat( arg ), plr ) 
addCommandHandler("live", hey) 

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I'm just clearing it up shouldn't it be table.concat({...}, " ") instead of table.concat(arg, " ") ? Does arg already mean all the arguments in a table?

That's what he wants, concatenate all passed parameters after the command as one string. The "arg" variable represents the table of parameters passed by the variable argument list "..." in the function call. So table.concat(arg, " ") is correct as well.

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