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y u allz just gonna let mta-vc die out like that

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please bring back up tha server finder for mta vc please or please start codn a new one please i miss mtavc so mutch it was the bestest mod of all y u allz just gonna let it die out like that it was your allz best mod i think at least yeah sa is good but mta-vc was bettr i think shure it had its buggs but think of all tha hard time n effort u allz put into it it was so nice n fun u allz could easily make a new server brouser for it y u just gonna let a masterpeice like that die out pleaase bring it back please i promise ill play it every day just please start tryn to fix it or smthn please.

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there aint shit on game monitor its only rpg servers o i hate thm ima play vc-mp for know i guess mta-vc is still tha best gta-vc mod eva though im hopn 1 day someone will redoo tha server thing can only hope 1day though i miss it so mutch though ok hope 1 day someone will fix it ill be there that day ok peace outz allz .

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Inactivity? My ass! MTA VC always had more players than VC-MP from Fall '06 on. Sure things weren't as big as they were in 2005, but in 2007 I could still easily find an MTA VC server with players. I could start a server and still have random people join.

SA-MP, VC-MP, and MTA:SA cannot compare to the awesomeness that was MTA:VC/MTA:3. This is B U L L S H I T.

Anyway, I see it was Yahoo who took down ASE. So, F U C K YAHOO. Ok, I feel better now. Now everyone, go back to your dated 4 year old San Andreas and act as if it's still new tech. Have fun.

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2baked, come check uot 75X's new Deathmatch server:



I'm very glad to announce that 75X has setup a server (by x-serverz, of course). Currently populated at 8 players. It's been a long time since I've played VC, im sure I'm not the only one phyced about bring back some good times.

MTA VC 0.5:

Free For All Deathmatch [x-serverz]


PORT: 2002

32 slot

Open 24/7

I personally think the MTA team should be glad that they still have people that want to play VC. Instead, they choose to dedicate 100% of their effort into MTA: SA. Even if 1% of their time went to compiling a new version of VC, I'm sure we'd have something playable by now. This is not the case.


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