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  1. Hello everyone, I'm sure some of you might remember me. One year ago, I used to have a server titled Free For All Deathmatch [x-serverz] for public use. I also ran scripts and enabled admin to selected accounts so certain, approved members of the community of 2009 could help out. I stopped hosting it because of a sudden lack of players. If there is demand for a MTA VC 0.5 server, I can get one ASAP; I would love to play, but I can't host scripts and I can probably play like 1-2 hours a day. I'd need someone to oversee the server's operations and I'll lend him/her/them the details to control it. =P I'd love to play again, and I wouldn't mind paying for a server if I can play MTA VC again. Let me know if you're interested by posting in this topic, and we'll discuss! =) - Jordan B. / 75X
  2. Tezz and I (mostly Tezz) have been working on some videos that show new players how to fight in MTA. There's only two at this moment, but we'll have more very soon. Enjoy! Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/TezzMTA
  3. It's disappointing that the MTA team doesn't embrace this.
  4. http://mta.gta3.vc.pl/ seems to be very convenient.
  5. I wasn't going to post in this thread, but then I saw that you made the thread, so I decided to post in it.
  6. @ Topic Creator First, your post doesn't make sense. Second, the Sempron +3400 shouldn't have a problem running this game/mod; provided that the rest of your computer is up to par. No problem running this game on my old Sempron +3200 1.8GHz PC with a x800GTO 256MB GPU and 1.5GB of DDR RAM.
  7. Yes, and that’s a valid excuse to bash someone’s work? Right...
  8. Yes, and that’s a valid excuse to bash someone’s work? Right...
  9. 75X

    Bad News For MTA

    Any multiplayer mod for Vice City gets my attention, and I hope the mod turns out well. However, the topic starter's post is deplorable.
  10. Just my two cents, but I felt the long wait for DP1's release has something to do with MTA not being taken advantage of. Of course, there have been some points about game modes and scripts being the cause of it, but it seems silly how MTA doesn't have it's own established game mode of it's own. For instance, MTA 0.5 came with deathmatch and stunt, but in MTA SA DM DP2 you only have the same character spawning in the same area. SA-MP had the same issue when it first came out all the way back in 2006, but perhaps the early release helped developers contain the knowledge needed to craft game modes and scripts to attract players. Since MTA is apparently in it's preview stage, you can only wait until MTA matures a bit or when scripters with successful servers start releasing their scripts public.
  11. I had a fellow clan member use MTA VC 0.5 under Vista and it worked fine. She did have a problem getting her mouse to work with it, though. I suspect it was a driver issue. The only thing I've heard is that you need to set the compatibility to XP in order to get it to work.
  12. *TLR*Dr3aM_ & *TLR*75X - *H&C* - Ham & Cheese
  13. Good luck with your clan.
  14. Maybe play some MTA: VC?
  15. 75X


    You make a compelling argument.
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