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MY GOD! Mucho respect to you guys, i love what your doing with MTA and the site looks damn fine.

The main problem is the sites coding. Ive been making a living out of the web for 4 years now, and ive never seen such hack-and-slash coding. SERIOUSLY!

If you have a site that has had over 40000 visitors, you should be making a little effort into making sure your site is served correctly to the people

..::Multi Theft Auto::..


Untitled Document

Its just awful. The design is great, but the actual construction is just a mess.

I love what ur doing, so i'll re-code the site templates to display 100% correctly in all browsers and OS for you. no charge of course.

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i didnt say it was.

It was an offer to make your site meet current standards and work in every browser.

I also wasnt knocking the design. I like it, i just think the code behind it is appaling.

I can help code the template if you want. The look would be exactly the same, and it would all work exactly the same.

It would load faster, be more reliable, and meet the W3C standards.

Theres nothing negative about what im offering at all.

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dont take what he says to seriously. He was just stating. Blokker isnt exactly one to take critisism =P

I cant really blame him for being protective of his work sometimes.

Maybe telling him in private (via pm) may have been more tactful than telling us all that the web-site coding is shocking :roll::wink:

anyway, if blokker agrees, i think it would be great to clean up some of the code for the site etc as it can only speed up my horrid 56k load times :P

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no problemo.

I had a play around with it already. Started from scratch and its around 50% done. all coded by hand.

I dont wanna upset you guys, i love what ur doing. people will have LAN parties BECAUSE of you!

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not that i would really care, but....

GTA: World Online visitors: Click here

GTA-Planet visitors: Click here

i think these 2 links need to be updated to work the way they are ment to work

whatever... i should go to bed... it's about 32:23 i know that looks weird for a time-of-day... but it gets like this when you stay up too long :)

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Hi Ya, Just a quick note the DOWNLOADS link in the menu bar in the DOWNLOADS Section still goes to the old site. Also the FORUM link on the same page bypasses your FORUM RULES page and links to the "Table of Contents" for the forum.

I hate relinking a site, I always end up missing a few too.

Also, I like the Model Select vid, hope it makes it in .02 :D

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