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I was thinking one day about how i'd like to make more moving stuff,

so I modified the script i used on my U.F.O. and made a few more moving objects.

One being the Cargo Ship.

It provides a dock to dock transport service.


The other being the Cargo Plane.

It lands at 4 airports including the desert.


They each have their own radar blips so you can find them.

I also added 4 planes one circleing each airport, you can see one in the Cargo Plane gif. :mrgreen:

I have modified the glue script a bit to allow you to glue to these moving objects and go with them.

Ya its a bit buggy but very cool anyways.

Still to come:


Dolphins jumping

Aircraft Carrier

Elevators to skyscraper rooftops

and more.

You can now download resources for MTASA-1.x here

http://kwksrv.game24hrs.com/KWKSNDsTSR.html :mrgreen:

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