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  1. Hey Guys, i have a question (or a few). I want to have my own MTASA Server on a Server. What Traffic do i need (min; max), is 1000 GB/month enough? I found something here: http://isp42.de/produkte-virtuelleserver-yellow42vs.php Is that enough? Sorry, i know the site is german, but i am too, so i hope you dont mind. Playsinator
  2. Ok, can you tell me when it will start? THX Playsinator
  3. Well, i can wait, but it could begin now, too... or not? You have the Mods and servers can be startet by everyone (or not?). When there will be something like "an update" it can be updated later... Playsinator
  4. You improved the Mod, right? You will see when you run it... but i am positive thinking. This will be difficult. Most of the players are playing MTA:SA or other SA Mods. And i can't play daily, 'cause i'm in training (Job), and late home. But i will still help as far as I can. What exactly do you mean? advertise? Or do you mean by programming, to make the mod better? That is a pity. But i hope we'll find more interested people. Playsinator PS.: I am still german so don't mind my english
  5. Hi HeroTerror, well, i am no "old" player, too, but do you think you can manage this? You want to have a Community, Clans, IRC, forum etc. Do you have the webspace and the soft/hardware for that? And do you still have the *.exes? (I dont have them since i reinstalled my vista-laptop with win7). Well, i am (but i just have to clean up my hdd). "its worthy... is it worthy?" ^^ Are you not sure? I think you can try it. I will be there When you are still planing this, or if i can help: contact me! [ playsinator [at] gmx.de ] Playsinator
  6. Playsinator


    Hay people, o like the cargo plane, but joining the KWKSRV is not possible, cause the MSN group doesnt exist.... Can i get the Plane anywhere? Playsi
  7. I don't know what you're talking about. Well, i mean the X, Y and Z-Coordinates of the entry etc. The coordinates of the banks. And then i yust want the code to save the money to the bank. Thanks Playsi
  8. What do you mean? Where do i put the cancel-code in? Playsi PS.: Sorry but i am new here
  9. Thats not exactly what i am looking for. I meant the code for the locations, or a data with many codes in it. Then i want to know how i can save money to the bank. THX Playsi
  10. Sorry but i am no scripter (4 now) and i am not the best in english language. So what do i have to do to use the Portal gun?
  11. Well, i am no scripter. Thats why i asked how this can work... to give the Admin infinite health. Is this possible? Playsi
  12. Sorry for opening up an old thread. I do not know if i have understood this: I can set "infinite Health" in the ACL? Then i dont check how. And sorry 2 4 the question, but i am no scripter, so i need your help Playsi PS.: Again i am not perfect in the english language, so please collect the mistakes and sell them ^^
  13. Are you ready with this? Can I have the resource, please? Thanks in advantage Playsi
  14. Good Idea! Does someone have a ready-to-use-script of this? THX Playsi
  15. Playsinator

    Travel Meter

    Nice^^ Do you still have the travelmeter? It sounds nice. Playsi
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