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Is It True what ppl say on goegta3

Guest DXmike69

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Is it true about this list:

1. The ASE usage is crap because the number of players listed is incorrect. When MTA came out nearly each server has been full but now you can not even find a server with more than 2 players.

2. the players do not take damage (900 health at start)

3. cars are damage proof(the MTA client controls the appearance and the disappearance of cars)

4. no exploding cars

5. no peds

6. the f..king problem of "Another player tried to connect with same IP" which generate always ghost players running around or sitting in their cars.

7. "clones" at the roof of the building(why isn't it possible to hide them? Especialy the color marker on the map)

8. unbelievable traffic between client and server(check that on LAN)

9. no realy in game chat

10. no kill-counter or points counter.

11. the anoying problem that you will be placed at the respawn point although you have not died or the car has not taken damage.

I will stop here...

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