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Movie-Making Suggestions

Guest Corrie

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How about, for all us avid movie-making people out there, REMOTE CAMERAS! Like in Garry's Mod! Ones that you can position and angle and switch to with the press of a button. Kind of like the ones in Stealth, but faster. Oh, and if possible, cameras than can follow a character or vehicle would rock.

Also, a weapon like the SP camera where you right click and can zoom but without the lines around the edge of the screen would be great...

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Talking about Garry's Mod. One of the cool thing is that you can spawn, for example, a big TV Screen and then have it shown what the Camera sees. Wich is very nice! You can like, attach the Camera to an object or just leave it at a misc point and then have any player looking at the TV to see what is shown from the Camera.

I made a Satellite script in my server that allows, when a player is near a specific computer console, to modify its Camera using simple commands. Its pretty cool and has a Drop view on any place of the map. But it kindof takes over to your whole PC Camera + only the operator can see what and where he moves.

Being able to display what a misc camera sees on a screen or panel would make things really cool ^^

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