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  1. Wow, congradulations guys! That's quite impressive...
  2. I also did "yum update" and made sure every package in my installation was up-to-date. Still didn't help, I get the same error about "libcurl.so.4" not being found... So I tried this method: And now I get this error: And since I've seen this error elsewhere in the Forum, I kept hunting for more steps. I found the same error for Firefox 4 on CentOS and tried to apply the same fix: And TADA!!!!!!! Server's up and running JUST FINE! Haha, finally! Thanks alot to "jhxp" for trying to help me by running tests on his own virtual server!
  3. Thanks! Files uploaded to server's location. Upon server start ==> same error. So I copied both files in "/usr/lib" to test and it gets me this error:
  4. Thanks for the reply! I've managed to install "libstdc++" but the "curl" said it was already installed and up-to-date. Then Starting the server did the same error. So I did the second step and they both said (the i386 files) that the files were already installed and up-to-date... So I restarted the whole kit JUST IN CASE and yet, I still get the same error So I checked in "/usr/lib" and couldn't find "libcurl.so.4" Any idea?
  5. I've searched (yum search libcurl) and installed "curl-devel.i386" but didn't change anything. I've also tried copying "libcurl.so3" as "libcurl.so4" but then I end up with the error...So undone that and back at the libcurl.so.4 error... I really don't know what to do, I'm running CentOS 5 (32 bits) Everything is brand new. The server is defaulted (hasen't been altered from default) and so is the CentOS VPS as well.
  6. The server is brand new, all taken and installed from: http://linux.multitheftauto.com Configs and resources are all in their correct folders, otherwise it wouldn't give that type of error anyway. **Edit: nice car on your display pic!!**
  7. Greetings! Me and my friend Noa are trying to host an MTA Server on CentOS 5 (32 bits) but we receive the following error after attempting to execute mta-server: We believe we have installed the server files correctly(installed to /var/games/mta/). We cd /var/games/mta/ before attempting to execute the mta-server. We are running CentOS 5 32bit, does anyone know the files we need to yum install?" **EDIT** Problem now solved! Had to manually update curl and stdc++ since "yum update" or other official CentOS listing reports them as already up-to-date (scroll down to SOLVED post for instructions)
  8. Maybe its not a general issue, because I used the GTA SA Single Player Resident Evil retexture files on MTA and it worked fine (I didn't edit my GTA files locally, I really used MTA to stream it to all players).
  9. How about the contrary? Can you allow HTTP access to individual resources in the ACL? That would be alot better security-wise. Because I found this information on a resource's comment page: Wich (modified) could make the Webmap show and yet restrict Admin Access. But that would also allow HTTP access to any other resource as well. It would require us to manually update the ACL file with any new resource we add in order to restrict HTTP Access.
  10. Axis

    Crashes 'silently'

    We're 4 often playing together in various servers. And we all get thoses "silent crashes" at least 2-3 times a night (sometimes worst). We all have different versions of Windows (Win7 x 2, WinXP x 2) and very different computer levels (2 gaming computer, an entry-level desktop and an old "barelly-can-run-GTA-SA" Laptop). Is that a common problem among other players? Didn't use to crash when on DP2 etc.
  11. I'm having a problem using the server function callRemote. The following error occures in my dedicated console: I've searched the Forum for possible issues and, based on the many admin.lua errors, I've came to the conclusion that it was some sort of permission error according to the .acl files. But no matter what I did (add new group, add the ressource to the admin group and even, changed the default value of the default ressources permissions to allow all remote and http functions + restart) the same error would remain. Has anyone had the same problem as me / had it working?
  12. I would like to know if this would be something possible? Or at least, any way to trick the max passengers of vehicles. I know that for some (like setting a bike to have 8 passengers) would be and look rather stupid <.<, but its more about as example, the A-400 who only takes 1 driver + 1 passenger >.<
  13. I would like to know if this would be something possible? Or at least, any way to trick the max passengers of vehicles. I know that for some (like setting a bike to have 8 passengers) would be and look rather stupid <.<, but its more about as example, the A-400 who only takes 1 driver + 1 passenger >.<
  14. Well in the mod I linked, when you raise the Water level, it actually does flood everything (even usually non-water areas) I know that the water isn't everywhere on the map, that its only like, (depending on the area) just a bit under the shore's lands. But I don't know how he managed to get water EVERYWHERE when you raise the Water Level. I don't know, but do you think that it would be possible to somewhat, Add one master Water level, wich would be unrelated to the rest of the water (maybe desactivate the rest if possible too) and have that water level cover the whole map. Unfortunatly I have no idea how the water works in this game. I don't know WHAT it is, like how much control we can have over it and etc.
  15. In a similar way to the "setWaveHeight( # )" but changing the Water's level Could be setWaterHeight ( # ) too <.< I know that its an as easy as the WaveHeight to do and I would greatly appreciate this addition in the future. I don't know if its normally ment in such ways, but in this mod: http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/fil ... iser;82770 the water level is applied on the whole map (unlike Wave Height that only affects where Water initially is) wich I think is quite important to reproduce.
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