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The Matrix Revolutions

Will Revolutions be beter then Reloaded?  

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  1. 1. Will Revolutions be beter then Reloaded?

    • yes! revolutions will rocks like the other 2
    • Yes reloaded sucks!
    • Na only The Matrix 1 will be the best of all
    • No the matrix sucks!
    • What is the matrix?

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what? reloaded didn't suck, justbecase you people dnt under stand english and have no idea whats going on because you watch TO MANY STUID SHOWS LIKE COPS OR BLIND DATE dosn't mean its bad, god I hate you.


So what?

i don't liked the movie because the end wasn't over!

so i need to see the third one how it finished.

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Well i liked them both , and im sure im gonna love revolutions, only real bad part about reloaded ,was the ending , and i know most people that love it didnt like that part, but well ye its better like this to sit 5 ours in a chair, that would hurt when(if) you got up.

This is definatly the category Lord of the Rings falls into lol

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