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Mystic Madness


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I liked it mystic. I think it would be better if u grabbed the "mass object mover" utility and moved the map over the water. then either remove the cliff objects and stuff around the track and add trees (so it looks like super speedway) or add more objects and "fill it in" so to speak. Once you have building on it and stuff it becomes a bit easier to work out where you are and where to go (i've only played it a few times tho, but found it a bit confusing). Overall its a nice track, no matter what it looks like, it has a nice flow to it and some nice corners. !n1 :)

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dunno why,but i thought it would be cool to see your opponents race on different corners of the track. And some mountains and a city in the background would be nice too i thought :)

Well, if you can see the city in backround, it makes some older computer lagg a bit.

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