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Just a few ideas that have arisen from my almost exclusive dodo usage, and some discussion on irc. And its possible use and impact in gang wars.

We need at least one dodo to spawn per gang, currently its perfect, both dodo are close to each gang spawn, as more gang choices are introduced they will need a dodo too.

wing walking: Not sure if this is possible yet, the synch/lag prevent proper testing at the moment. if it isnt possible to stay on the wing in flight perhaps some 'anchor point' could be introduced? FLying a gangmember in on the wing with their gun blazing would be awesome.

Allowing grenades as well as uzi to be used from the pilots seat. bombs awayyy!

Dodo of the hill:

Put a single dodo in a central, hard to access position, and let the gangs fight to get it first. the pilot who manages to hit an airborne checkpoint first wins it for thier gang.

k i know we've talked about other ideas, but i dont recall them, so i shall edit the post when they come to me ;)

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hay, the wing walking thing IS posible, like in vice city when u come out of the plane u apear on its wing.

oh yeah, another one... a hard one... a PARACHUTE! like falling slowly from the sky or somthing, a one shot thing u can take from eh... like a parachute respouning point...

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