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Hello, I am new and thought I try this out. I have been playing SAMP for awhile now and see that there is only racing here? You can't get out of your car or have any RP servers? Are there any plans to expand and have different modded servers?

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the development of that kind of MPmod is already in progress... they dont make any release date but i GUESS it will be this year or in the first 2 moths of 2008. this question has been asked many times before, so next time you have a question you can start by using the search function of just read some of the news on the page. in this mod (called MTA DM) it will be possible to use your scripting skill to make whatever you want of the GTA engine.

i also guess that its having a better sync than samp and more functions and features.

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Anyways, MTA:Deathmatch (or the Blue Core) is a totally new MP mod for the GTA:SA game, its not released yet, should hopefully be released by the end of this year, or start of next one.

Keep your eyes on this website, or visit GTANET (irc.gtanet.com) #mta for the most up to date MTA related chat etc!

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