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PM Admin Login Script


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I found a way that works, using rcon. this would mean all admin levels would need altering since level 1 would be a registered player.

but it is possible, players could be given a pin code to login (since u cant pm a pass) with which should be easy enough to remember.

i started writing it but never got round to finishing it. basically just have a duplicate config file with ur mirc and add/remove names from it when needed with the script, then set the script to upload it at timed intervals.

unused registered accounts could be auto deleted after a certain time to stop the config filling up.

normal players could login with rcon just like admins do, which could be linked to an auto login for those with static ip's.

this isnt something that can be made in a few lines of text in ur script tho, its a lot of work.

i ask is it really worth it? no doubt all these scripts will be obsolete when dm is out.

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