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  1. I think this will do what is needed.. but I've never made any scripts for anything but mta:sa Have fun trying.. on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if ($3 == !backup) { var %a = 0 while (%a <= $mta.server($1).cmax) { if ($mta.name($1,%a) != $null) && (($mta.vehicle($1,%a).name == Police) { mta.msg $1 %a The Police Force needs Backup at $mta.area($1,$2) $+ ! } !inc %a } } }
  2. Ummm, learn? Best way to learn is too try for yourself...
  3. Yea but what if their name is just "`", in race I've encountered this problem a lot but i usually go to notepad or something and then copy and paste the character into MTA. Of course this requires "Window Mode". Isn't their an GUI admin control panel anyways? Where you just kick on the player to ban/kick.. Otherwise something like the old remote admin would be very useful if it doesn't all ready have it.
  4. I've been getting the exact same error in the Windows version.
  5. I have the server working but it appears the download server is not working. I can access the HTTP as can others, I also seem to be unable to start the Interstate69 mode. Any help?
  6. In the same MIRC that you have MTA:MA running from, the irc.gtanet.com server window type /join #channel-name
  7. Yea he's got a point, I think every server should have HouseMD's version .
  8. I'm sure you can fix errors, just go through and check it's not hard. Also yes you're right, your not a very good scripter, maybe you would be if you learn't to script for yourself instead of renaming other peoples work.
  9. Sanzor Definition: Taking someone else's work and distributing it as your own without no acknowledgement of the real creator. Usage: Don't want to do a "Sanzor".
  10. Seems a good idea to me Allow server owners to freely change between scripts without having to loose stats etc, etc....
  11. LOL @ Sanzor I think you really crossed the line with this one... putting loads of other peoples scripts togther a saying it's yours and not to edit/copy/rename any of it.
  12. What so the fact that you asked for my stats system a few days earlier which I sent as a whole script and the fact that you have the only bit that makes mine diffrent from the others is just a coincidence? I calculated the number of players in the server whilst running the starting loop so it's all ways correct, so here's mine and your's. "Your" one: alias dm.start { var %c = 0 !writeini -n playercount.ini PLAYERS SERVER $+ $1 0 while (%c <= $mta.server($1).cmax) { if ($mta.nick($1,%c) != $null) { !writeini -n playercount.ini DOA %c $+ $1 ALIVE !writeini -n playercount.ini PLAYERS SERVER $+ $1 $calc($readini(playercount.ini,PLAYERS,SERVER $+ $1) + 1) } !inc %c } } My one: alias lag.start { var %c = 0 !writeini -n lag.players.ini PLAYERS SERVER $+ $1 0 while (%c <= $mta.server($1).cmax) { if ($mta.nick($1,%c) != $null) { !writeini -n lag.players.ini DOA %c $+ $1 ALIVE !writeini -n lag.players.ini PLAYERS SERVER $+ $1 $calc($readini(lag.players.ini,PLAYERS,SERVER $+ $1) + 1) } !inc %c } } So how come you have %c just like mine instead of %a like Barts. Not even re-wrote from my one just changed the name of the alias's and the ini's and there you go. ROFL you even got my mistakes in there. Oh my, if you want to lie about something at least try to make it more convincing or admit it you know it's my one I sent to you as a whole script. When should I expect the rest of it to appear as your's? Got a data/time?
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