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Hi. Recently alot of cheating n00bs play with names less than 4 characters, often similar to the start of other peoples names, e.g a cheater plays with the name geor and there's a player called george, who may get banned accidentally. Basically what I need is a script that assigns each player a ID number, which can be seen through a command, like !id . This ID also needs to be bannable > !banid . The server is running PRS 1.3, with an IRC echo, which would appear to assign each player who types something a ID in the echo:

[u](3)[/u](SKC]HumanTrafiC ): right im gonna go 
[u](0)[/u](7 SKC]Obelix ): bb 
[u](3)[/u](7 [sKC]HumanTrafiC ): gg all 
[u](7)[/u](7 [sKC]Yoda ): cya 

Anyone know if theres already a script for this usable with PRS 1.3 or can make one? :) ty.

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you should be able to edit the prs.getid alias, so if u give an ID, it will be used instead of the Nick.

change it to this:

alias prs.getid { 
  if ($2 isnum) !return $2 
  else { 
    var %a = 0 
    while (%a < %loop) { 
      if ($+(*,$2,*) iswm $mta.nick($1,%a)) !return %a 
      !inc %a 

this should work although i havent had time to test it. :mrgreen:

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