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  1. Any idea when this will be released yet?
  2. Yodaa

    ID Script

    Well I can't do that cos I know..well, not alot about scripting.
  3. Yodaa

    ID Script

    Hi. Recently alot of cheating n00bs play with names less than 4 characters, often similar to the start of other peoples names, e.g a cheater plays with the name geor and there's a player called george, who may get banned accidentally. Basically what I need is a script that assigns each player a ID number, which can be seen through a command, like !id . This ID also needs to be bannable > !banid . The server is running PRS 1.3, with an IRC echo, which would appear to assign each player who types something a ID in the echo: [u](3)[/u](SKC]HumanTrafiC ): right im gonna go [u](0)[/u](7 SKC]Obelix ): bb [u](3)[/u](7 [sKC]HumanTrafiC ): gg all [u](7)[/u](7 [sKC]Yoda ): cya Anyone know if theres already a script for this usable with PRS 1.3 or can make one? ty.
  4. Yodaa

    Forestry Circuit

    Ahh, will do when I get more free time, a special one for you MSD
  5. ^ Hear Hear to that. Keep up the great work guys
  6. Made this a while back, Forestry Circuit (Couldn't think of anything better lol) 32 spawns, 3 laps (Lap 1=Infernus, Lap 2=Cheetah, Lap 3=Bullet) And a Turismo pickup at a jump. Screens: Enoy.
  7. Yodaa

    Map Center

    He meant when it asks to Login to report crashes when you're installing it You can just click cancel or whatever it is. lol.
  8. I'm sorry, but 1: Grand Theft AUTO GTA is meant to be about the cars, and thats exactly what the MTA Team put back into the game when they developed Race. The single player game itself only contains 1 or 2 car missions, all of which, tbh, were crap. Also, yes, I too am becoming weary of waiting for this mod, and yes, GTA San Andreas is now an outdated game, since it was released in 2004. However, MTA Deathmatch will need the "useless" features tbh, because if all you could do was run around and shoot someone, with no effect apart from them dying, I would get bored pretty quick. The features add to the fun of the game, and if they weren't there in an initial release, you would probably be posting this same thing again just about the lack of features instead, not the lack of a mod to actually play.
  9. You got any mods? Vehicles, buildings etc?
  10. Looks very good and well made Nice work
  11. Yodaa

    Lagus raceway

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone have an alternative download link for the mod? Or know where I can get one? The original in Bob's post doesn't work.
  12. Yodaa

    Wild LOop

    whats the music on the second vid (unfinished one)?
  13. the dictionary defines my name as: Main Entry: Yoda Part of Speech: noun Definition: the last surviving master of Jedi skills who trains Luke Skywalker in "Star Wars" Etymology: "Star Wars" second film and this (my favourite): Main Entry: yoda Part of Speech: noun Definition: an extremely wise and knowledgable person, esp. a mentor Etymology: fr Yoda in "Star Wars" second film and as an acronym: YODA Young Opinionated Directionless Artiste YODA Your Office Devil's Advocate YODA Youth Order of Democratic Americans
  14. yeah well, "unplanned formats" caused the loss of all the pictures and vids from ur server once im back, ill be sure to add some from urs hoorah, i found some posted else where..
  15. lol, whats the point, its a deathmatch mod, not a property tycoon. you want to own buildings? play single player. (no referal to SA-Mp cos it..sucks)
  16. [offtopic]i always wanted something to sync the weather with the weather i saw outside, e.g if it was raining, it would be raining in game etc. [/offtopic] Id prefer to keep the time as it is, although i wouldn't mind a permanent night, just cruising around las venturas at constant dark..would be nice. but still, keep the time same
  17. All taken from the UOcUK Clan Server btw.. heh, lots of oldies there..
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