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Joining A Game


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Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I can't get in a game.

Should I use the "mta" or "launcher" file in my GTA3 directory?

I tried to use MTA. I enter the ip and click connect to server. I get connected and I can talk. But the game isn't up and I'm still at the mta window where you enter the ip. I read the manual, but how do I start up GTA3 now? When I use the launcher to join a game it just brings up another connect to server window and GTA3 starts. Somebody help.

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ok jion a game with the mta clien

themn open op gta3 and start a new game and then alt-tab out and then in the client press send game request or something

then go back into gta3 and it should be working

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