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Administrator Commands for MTA:SA DM


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I think it would be additionally awesome if there were more commands for punishment, besides !freeze. An example !throw (throws the player across the map in a random direction whether they're on foot or in a vehicle, damaging them); !launch (launches the player vertically and watch them fall to their death). Considering gravity would be toggleable, something tells me it would be possible to affect individuals or everyone (ie. !throwa (throws everyone), !launcha (launches everyone)). Enemy Territory (free game) inspired this thought.

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You can do all those with Lua, tho players might get pissed off with the launch all / throw all commands

Uh, is'nt that the whole point? Players do somethig wrong to piss admin off so in return they should be ticked off?

As fo the topic, I have seen this already with sa-mp in a few servers, players will get teleported to a deserted area. But, all I would do is keep it real, an throw them in jail for however long, this includes any amount of time.

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If you include that command on your server, please don't have 11 year old kids or unstable persons as admins. It's really annoying when you get punished for killing an admin.

They should have to take a psychological & IQ exam before getting access to the script xD. When you kill a dumb admin, you get kicked

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Yeah u gotta return the favor of them pissing you off, take CSS for example, the MANI mod for that has alot of admin tools, such as Beacon, teleport and simpally Slay...

I think its a good idea, and possible for all to be made with LUA (dunno about beacon yet, might try later :P)

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haha this is actually a good idea, banning doesn't stop those with dynamic IP to come back and annoy you, so why not annoy them instead? create a spawnpoint high above mount Chiliad and let them die over and over again or take away their keybinds and humiliate them with a flower lol :lol: or have a "hall of noobs" where you can keep noobs as if they were brophys... I mean trophies

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I was more or less giving examples of another application I've used, whereas these features are available to be used. In retrospect, flinging/throwing players in ET were on a much smaller map size but nonetheless the same idea I tried getting the point across here with.

Instead of just teleporting them to a certain position, I had the thought of actually throwing them vertically and directionally a few meters or launching them vertically a few meters and watching them plummet to their deaths.

Rather than your thoughts of using this because someone killed an admin, I was thinking more along the lines of punishing people for tk'ing, etc.

I suggested the idea to apply it to everyone because the other game (ET) played used the same idea. However, I know how it could be abused in this environment.

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Why not? Sounds a little picky to me. On another game server for another game that I play on rules like spawnkilling is encouraged and whining is not.

Anyone who isn't cheating, following the rules and not using explicit language shouldn't be punished in my view. If you make it so full of rules, it totally detracts from the gameplay.

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