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race mod via DM

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would i be able to script DM to run a race server? just like mtarace, but with things like spectator mode, weapons, passenger racing ect, all while feeling like mtarace (map changes, stuck in vehicles, respawn on, checkpoints, nitros, healths and vehicle changes)

this is a very simple question and it would seriously boost the reputation of the best racing community/team on MultiTheftAutoRace.

We have the best racing styled maps and 50+ ACTIVE team members and top map makers which is still quickly growing (considering we are only 8 months old), we are keeping the race mod alive with what mtarace was meant for, RACING..

so as u can see, we are big fans of your mod, and would be very pleased to continue this racing fanbase, but with the capabilities that are being implemented into mtaDM. (we will also be hosting some kind of DM server, along with our mtarace server)

So please, keep me and the great community at http://www.teamSKC.co.uk happy with giving us the good news that this will be possible. We love ur mod and the work you've done and would completely understand if we cant do this, but it would be nice to know if you would be considering adding these kind of features towards an updated version of mtarace?

I'm not sure about anyone else, but we will probably always prefer racing rather than DM and it would be a shame to push the racing fans aside.

Thanks for reading, cant wait for your reply.


(i posted this in the comments section but its full of people talking poop, so i thought i'd put it here and hopefully get a reply)

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I replied to your post in the comments section but it's probably better that I put it here:

[sKC]Hitman, I'm pretty sure that you would be able to do this. I brought it up to the team once before and they said it was hard to sync when someone hit a checkpoint BUT now we have clientside scripting so I'm pretty sure it would be a lot easier. Just hit the marker clientside and validate it serverside.

One thing you can't do is lock someone onto a bike but apart from that, everything else is do-able via scripting as far as I'm aware.

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nice, do vehicles have weapons? mario kart/twisted metal stylee

You could enable drive-by's. I don't think it would be possible to mount weapons on the car itself without custom models, although please correct me if I'm wrong.

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wot about spectator mode?? this is a very big issue i have found with the race mod, its a race, sometimes u want to watch the race 10 seconds respawn isnt long enough and no respawn just spoils it for those racing. This would be one of the main upgrades i'd like to see in the racing mod... :lol:

thanks for the replys btw

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