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Hello, I'm a new member and I just dowloaded MTA v0.3 and when I play a MTA game, how do start or join a MTA game? My program says runtime error.

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it's too bad that you had to start off in the forums with this post, since you're sure to be flamed (unless xerox/mr. bill/blokker) locks it...

use the search function of the forums (top right of your screen, near login) and search for the number that goes with that error you're getting :wink:

you find servers with All Seeing Eye. Search for ASE :wink:

there have been many topics on this, and you have to remember to search before you post, unless you want to get flamed :P

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yes - we love newbies to the mta world, but searching before you post means you will not get flamed, and after so many posts you will be known and be able to get away with more ;-P


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