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how to make a map underwater

Guest yoshimitsu

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can someone help me? im quite good at making maps and all, but i was on one server yesterday and there was a map that was set under water. i was quite shocked on how it was made kinda chuffed me tbh, so could one of you trusty locals help me?

p.s is there a ID for water on the map editor? im a big fan of DD maps.

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I know one underwater map and that oen is made with boats that spawn underwater and they go up because of gtasa water script thing.

So just make a SP udnerwater as i know its not possible anyway else ...

PS: I dont think / know there is a water obect.. Srry. Water ain't a object but its a script... I think....xD

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You can make them just like you make maps above water. If the spawnpoints aren't near the surface the players should spawn and drive around as if they were on dry land.

And you can't create your own water, you must use the existing ocean.

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i think you was on the uD server we got there 2 map under water

the trick is : they maked IN the dam in the ''sahara''(;P)

The water on the higher side of the ?sherman? dam is not scripted well,

If you cruise with an boat over it you can see the waves 100 feet under you,

so if you make youre map there, somewhere, you can drive underwater

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