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  1. i want to know to, Things i can type in like console/chat or sumthing so that i can change speed, grafity and stuff,
  2. i also found the train code, but when you want to add it in mta, you cant
  3. Whats the id of those cars? And i found something interesting in a TXDprogram, There was a sort of car wich wasn't placed in gta, its called Airtrain, When i try to open the txd file it says its empty, so maybe there is a airtrain without any textures, trying to find that one
  4. The water on the higher side of the ?sherman? dam is not scripted well, If you cruise with an boat over it you can see the waves 100 feet under you, so if you make youre map there, somewhere, you can drive underwater
  5. I tried with adding the vehicle id's one for one, and i didnt found any, i well got some times that mta sayd cannot load this vehicle or sumthing like that
  6. Killbox 1 DM <= Great DM Airplane Freeroam <= Nice freeroam map
  7. I dont know sure, But i think it is an Comercial sign, try looking there,
  8. THNX That would help me alot, I was using al those numbers in the map editor, My hands got lame so i stopped Thnax a lot for this
  9. He is looking for the roads, It is on Structures => Gas stations (or sumthing) and then the 3rd or 2nd object
  10. For The Win, (Sometimes Fuck The World, ) And no, There is no hope more for youre map
  11. I found out that you can make all taxi's have other colors by, Make a map with normal cars (32 spawns) Save it, Unload it Load it, Replace the cars by taxi's in the race settings menu (And you can do this likewise) Just tried it, You see the taxi's all in a different color, But when you spawn, Youre still yellow
  12. I've created a map where you can walk in the multiplayer http://www.center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=7414 Just play the map test3, And there you go with everyone else! Few problems: No-One is synced, So you may say the people at a other place that they are. You can't die. If you die with /kill you will spawn somewhere you dont belong. Few none-problems. You can make cool Freestyle Walking levels in map editor If you want to walk in map editor in this map, Just spawn a few times before it works! (Sorry for my bad english I'm from The Netherlands y'know
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