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Multiplayer RPG Mod

Guest GTA 3

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Maybe you could make a multiplayer RPG mod where you could do stuff like take up jobs like police officer, taxi driver, ambulance driver, or just be a criminal or something. Then, you would interact, for example, if one person is a criminal and commits a crime all human police officers would be notified and the criminal would be marked on the map and then the police would try to kill or arrest him or something. If the criminal got killed then all ambulance drivers would be notified of the corpses position and you'd have to take it back to the hospital where it would be magically brought back to life. With these jobs you'd make money so you could buy stuff like weapons and cars (if you stole cars you'd have the police on you). You see, stuff like that. Well, I'm pretty sure that it would be impossible to code, but I think it would be better than awesome if you could do it. But, if you would like to discuss it with me, I am here. :D

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Thats a great idea, almost like a online world. I think that you weould have to play for a long time to get enough money and stuff to buy weapons, but other than that it would be cool, especialy if every one has their own profiles and can keep the same stats as the last time they were on the server.

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its been suggested, but it probably wont work with the gta3 engine.

Also - there is no server power to do it (anyone with dedicated T3's? =)

Im gonna ask that people read topics before posting! - Won't lock this one, but if i see another RPG post like this its locked =)

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itz like GTA3 meets The Sims, meets Gran Turismo, meets Deus Ex, etc...

then you might want to check out the game im making, Life: As Real As It Gets. its like gta + sims + misc. it isnt a mod of gta3 either. in progress, my page hasnt been updated in awhile but im still working on it. if intrested in hearing more about it, PM me...

sorry if this is off topic.

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