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I knows that that I am going to ask for you is hard, but I ask all the same. =) Here is I would want a script for MTA:SA who is only made for the DD and who when we gain(win) a DD, he(it) gives us 1 point and what while gaining(winning), they are added has now " wins " at the same time

And that by collecting these points, we can buy things as: Kick, mute, to change of map on the others.

thank for those who will help me.

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thank you but I have already to seek... without answer: ( can somebody help me plz??

well there is no script exactly as u require, there are scripts out there that can do almost what u need, but u would need to add a !buy/!use system which wouldnt be too hard i guess.

The PRS1.1 has the ability to set maps as either RACE - DM - RS-DM so if u just have DM maps, that would work for u.

The PGS1.0 Has the cash system, i'll be updating it over the weekend to work for DM and RS-DM maps, since it only works on Race's with cp's at the moment.

After that, it wouldnt be a big job to add a few 'items' to buy and use.

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in short that if I understood well (I have a bad translator:S) you will try to find something?

No, but with minor editing the PRS1.1 script and PGS1.1 will do almost everything u ask for... only a few things will need adding.

Of course, the PGS1.0 doesnt work on DM maps, but 1.1 will be out next week which will.

for now u could try them out and see what u think, maybe get used to them.

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