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is MTA only for racing? or is there a RPG element to it? like can u actually go around the city, buy guns and houses, diffrent clothes, cars? or is it only racing?

if its only racing i think u guys should definitly add a RPG element :wink:

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Right now Multi Theft Auto is only racing, at the moment they are developing a Death Match version.

The Multi Theft Auto team released the "Race Mod" because it could allow something for the MTA community to play with while they waited.

The RPG thing you are talking about can be added onto the Death Match version, after the SDK is released.

If you read the dev blog, you'll see they are working on it, and have some cool features.


Hey can someone lock this? It's another one of those topics where they didnt read.

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Somebodey should make a sticky that explains that Mta DM is in progress, and the current version out is only race... cuz I've seen a lot of these questions around..

To be honest, i don't think that would help :)

Maybe not, but it could give us a reason for flaming :P

Seriously, it's worth a try.

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..... or edit the topic title and make it sticky :D

alittle of topic, but someone should create a new thread, sticky, that explains the fact that MTA:SA is only Race Mod for the moment, and explains allll that other stuff too. I just realised that we dont have any sticky topics that can explain to newcomers the situation, thanks for the idea CoZ.

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There's no need for stickys to be posted around the forum to indicate to the newcomers about the reasons why there isnt a DM version as of late, gerenally i personally thought that people would be know knowledgeable to read what is published on the homepage and to take an interest in reading the blog updates. However some people do just ignore the information and quickly just want to access the forums and to post the obvious questions, causing many debates and stupid nonsense.

While the current MTA:SA version only features a racing mode, the upcoming release will literally blow away all previous versions by introducing a list of awesome new features. But even today, the older versions of Multi Theft Auto are still played with rougly more than a thousand players playing on-line simultaneously.

Simple statements like these are ignored for example.

Spitfire's example would be more valid i feel, stickys would just get ignored.

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