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Need help with making a Mta:ma Bot Name: BenderBot

Guest Elit3G@m3R

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What i want BenderBot to do is be able to trace people and say if someone killed some with a gun that was told not to be used i would type the cmmand !bender kill bender goes and kills them then they recive the reason why they were killed. I know i have to write it all my self but what program be best to do it with and what sort of code would i need to put in it

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guessing this is going to be a connection to the client port-

all data is encrypted, getting a bot ingame so others see it would be hard, making it run about would be even harder. making it so it dosnt run through rules would be extreamly hard


I just wouldn't bother - there are bots already out there that can follow people about shooting at them constantly...

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