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I got banned for no reason.



Hey, I was playing mta server with much other people, then i accidentaly got banned for 20.minutes and then for life, i didn't do anything, it shows that i used cheats but i never use cheats, and it shoved i have viruss in pc, but i know i don't have

My MTA Name: boboijs
My MTA Serial: D80E7599D58DC6568F17615201DF5374

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Hey. I just wanted to also share the same. On my server and 3 other servers of people I know suffered from the same thing. Several of the players received a ban for no reason, some even received a permanent ban, but for some reason a few minutes later that permanent ban disappeared.
I think the MTA team should look into this.

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Hi, please see the message posted on our Discord server: https://discord.com/channels/278474088903606273/278548694377299988/1196922655606054973

Basically, it states:


Hello everyone. We would like to apologize for the problem we've triggered in the last hour (and some time to come). Many players might encounter a global ban due to a misconfigured anti-cheat detection, but it should automatically resolve itself soon. Our recommendation is to restart MTA San Andreas 1-3 times and see if the issue goes away on its own. If you're still banned, then please wait for it to expire before bombarding our Discord with many messages in the help channel.


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