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[HELP] 1 or less players are required to start 'race' if not using GM

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I can't seem to find a solution for this message: 1 or less players are required to start 'race-fuzimu321312312123' if not using ghostmode


Even if map has enabled ghostmode, race resource also has enabled "ghostmode" and I have one-spawn and autoghostmode - it still doesn't work. Do you know what I can change in RACE gamemode to prevent that from happening? I remember on older builds i only needed one-spawn to execute maps properly, and now it doesn't work... Map has only 1 spawnpoint but I don't want to add new ones.


Help is appreciated, thx.

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Fixed it by myself.


Basically - open race_server.lua in "RACE" gamemode and delete this line:

 -- Check race can start ok
    if g_IgnoreSpawnCountProblems ~= res and not g_MapOptions.ghostmode then
        local numSpawnPoints = #map:getAll('spawnpoint')
        if getTotalPlayerCount() > numSpawnPoints then
            -- unload map xml
            outputRace( (numSpawnPoints).." or less players are required to start '"..tostring(getResourceName(res)).."' if not using ghostmode" )
            return false


And voile! You can now start race with 1 spawnpoints if you have autoghostmode, without needing to put additional spawnpoints.

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