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Improve community.multitheftauto.com authorization


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I recently tried to login to my account in https://community.multitheftauto.com/ and I couldn't remember password because I didn't know which one I used, so I had to try like 10 different attempts, where for each login attempt needed captcha verification, then I wasn't sure I even got my username right because I didn't know if I registered with tag or without, so I tried to password reset, and to my surprise it required both my username and email I used to register, which I do not remember none of them, and If i remember right then I do not have access to that email anymore.

Fortunately for me, I was able to login only because some years ago I had saved both username and password on chrome, so I was able to get in, I decided to try update my email address incase I ever lose access again, but for my surprise there were no any option to do that, and it doesn't even show what email I used when registered.





So my suggestion is, add option to see what is your current email & option to change it.

When you try recover password make it either username based or email, use 1 instead of both, so if you enter username and it is correct, check db what is user email and send reset link to that email.

And if it is email, then check if there is user registered with such email and then send reset link.


This is very basic stuff, would be nice if could be added unless there is reason why it can't?

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