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Falsely banned on a newly built PC? Cause?



Hey, so I just built this retro gaming PC from some very old parts I had laying around, tried a bunch of different OSes (Linux, Windows XP) and settled with Windows 7.
I installed MTA literally a few minutes ago and the first thing I see i'm banned for spoofing or something. I'm not asking to be unbanned since I log on once every few years, I'm just curious about the reason behind my ban, because I've never cheated or spoofed anything, AND I think this hardware predates MTA.
What do you guys think? Has anything similar happened to any of you?

Sorry for double posting - I don't know how to edit a post, but
Can the reason be because (a) I installed a slightly custom Windows 7 version? Or (b) I downloaded a not-so-legal version of GTA because I couldn't get Steam to work.
I have no clue why this is happening

Edit 2:
Here's my computer specs anyone is curious
Gigabyte GTS450
Intel Celeron 3.33GHz single core
1gb RAM
60gb HDD i pulled out of a PS3
Yes it's a very weak PC, as I stated above it's a retro gaming project, but how could my hardware be banned?

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Hi, welcome to the forums. ?

There have been recent changes in regards to ban appeals and ban-related inquiries and we're no longer handling this kind of cases, nor allow discussions (even if the intent is not to appeal a ban) around this subject. You can read more about these changes and find everything that's needed to know here:

We encourage each and every player to always use a legitimate copy of the game (you can find ways to buy the game here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Where_to_buy_GTASA) and not rely on (sketchy) versions that aren't genuine and which may or may not pose security risks.

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