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Problem with frequent random server crashes


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we are struggling with the server crashes mentioned in the title for about a month.
As for the script page - we did not introduce any major changes that could cause this, additionally we analyzed all the scripts on the server side and we did not find any imperfections. Script side memory leak does not exist, RAM usage is less than 300MB regardless of server uptime.

Crashes occur at totally random times. Once, the server crashed immediately after it was started (before the resource autostart script was started, i.e. no resources were running)
We use the latest version of the stable linux server.

Below I am attaching a few dumps and kernel logs where the problem is also visible.

https://upload.mtasa.com/u/772369894/MTA CRASH DUMPS LOGS.zip_


I would like to ask for a quick solution to the case as this problem has a negative impact on player satisfaction.
If it comes in handy - Sky.#7054 is my discord, you can write to me also there.


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It is worth adding here (which I forgot earlier) that crashes are divided into two types:

  1. The game server is still running, but not sending/receiving data. The game port (22003) will stay locked on system even if game server process will be killed. Server can't be started without whole host restart.
  2. The game server crashes with segmentation fault (core dumped) line in log
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