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Nick:Michu08 Reason:BOT DEV

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Description: I don't know what happened i never use Bots i never develop bots i just turn on MTA and get this message. What happened ? If something bad and i dont know about it i say sorry . I dont wanna be banned i spend many good times with my clan

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Don't lie, you are part of a team that's working to develop a new "Polish mining bot", these bots are designed to ruin the economy on Polish RPG servers and therefore any such teams (be it their main developers, assisting developers or testers/sellers) are not welcome on MTA.

We banned the lead developer (serial E0F5F924EFC8F3B312F1C7F60933E3A1, known as "DooNik / dunik") and you.

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