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Hello man, I wrote to you privately but you didn't read ,I would be very happy if you look at the message I wrote in private,I hope you see this message, I'll wait for you impatiently, u know i have perma ban now, 

i know im I made a big mistake, I struggled with exe mod again although my ban was opened.. was big misstake tbh

As you can see, I love this game and spend a lot of time. What should I do to open my ban?
Would you forgive me if I explain the mods, for fix?
I'll swear not to try one more time,, you can follow me brother.how about you give me a chance?you will make me very happy because my real life is not going well, You would make me very happy if you made my ban limited.

please help me. I'm not a toxic player. trust me

Serial 28DBDA5C0C4B359132B3BCADED9C1A52

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

We have determined that you (known as "kittenRjers") are 1 of those people in the Turkish DD scene, that we have called the "core abusers" group in the past.

It consists of people that are constantly working on new avenues for abuse, cheating, unfair advantage.. as in: massively testing such abuse tools (crafted for DD scene), lag switches, and the development thereof, with the purpose of facilitating the toxification of DD scene (with unfair play, and spreading your stuff as soon you guys found something new to abuse).

These are the big names in the DD abuse scene that are getting banned. The most active of such individuals. So, we are not willing to believe you'll ever change, and also everyone called "DD core abuser group" that gets a ban like this, has a rich history of bans for all kinds of related activities. Continously repeating that activity doesn't reinforce trust that you will ever change, or are anything but just sorry for getting caught and definately dealt with (also in a way that you can hardly avoid these bans).

You're no longer welcome on MTA. This will be a ban appeal template for "DD core abusers" people. Ban appeal denied @zlatanv33

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