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Bot que atira

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esta dando esse erro

attempt to call global 'setPedAimTarget' (a nil value)

addEvent( "botsStartAttack", true )
addEventHandler( "botsStartAttack", getRootElement(), function (zomb,numberBot)
	if isElement ( zomb ) and not getElementData ( zomb, "target" ) then
		if getElementData ( zomb, "zHeared" ) then
			setElementData ( zomb, "zHeared", false ) 
		setElementSyncer ( zomb, source )
		setPedAnimation ( zomb )
		if not isHLCEnabled ( zomb ) then
			enableHLCForNPC( zomb, getElementData ( zomb,"speed") or "sprint")
		clearNPCTasks (zomb)
		addNPCTask ( zomb, {"killPed", source, 6, 6} )
		setElementData ( zomb, "target", source )
		local x,y,z = getElementPosition(zomb) 
		setPedAimTarget ( zomb, x,y,z )
		setElementAlpha ( zomb, 255 )


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