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first of all hello dutchman i am not lie


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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Funny to see someone make a topic titled "im not lying" in advance, while Anti-cheat knows you are lying very hard.

The thing is, there has been an undetected lagswitch used by nearly 20 individual players in the turkish DD scene. It was being spread by a DD player known as "Ashame". Anyone that used it during the past month while it was still not detected, received a delayed ban. You used it, so you got banned.

Let that be a warning to all others who want to do that in the future - while automated bans for lag switch are for a duration of 1 day, using undetected ones that still work will result in longer bans (couple of days, like in the case of this banwave).

That would be the routine appeal response. But..

In your case @schultz, as a result of this appeal you are now permanently banned, because upon further review that it prompted, we have discovered that you are part of the core DD abusers. That's a group constantly and intensively testing and creating/working on tools to abuse, cheat and gain unfair advantage in DD gamemode for the turkish scene. You have been modifying lag switches in order to try bypass detection, and have also intensively engaged in other such activities such as attempts to bypass our EXEMOD protections. In fact, we have reason to believe you are (partially?) behind the release of that lagswitch "Ashame" guy was spreading. As in, that you were working together with him or that it is the name you go by in DD scene.

You have done this structurally for a long time, so we don't expect you to change. This permaban cannot be appealed in the future. You can find similar "ABUSE" (DD abusers/abuse facilitators) ban appeals on the forums.

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